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Tour Rainbow or 7 colors Mountain (Ausangate, Vinicunca)

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The mountain of 7 colors (VINICUNCA) is one of the majestic attractions present on the way to the APU AUSANGATE, the Tour will make you live unforgettable experiences, with flat roads and some elevations, during the walk to Vinicunca we will appreciate beautiful landscapes which we will explore breathing 100% pure air that your body will thank you, we will also take the best pictures, just imagine the expression on your friends and relatives faces looking at your photo before this beautiful landscape, is cataloged by the magazine NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC as one of the 100 places that should be visited before dying.

In the tour to the Mountain of 7 colors, we include: Food, Income, Transportation and Guidance.

The tour to the mountain of 7 colors starts at 04:30 am, where we will pick you up from your respective hotels in the city of Cusco, then make the trip in a tourist mobility to the south of the city to the village Hanchipacha, where is our camp and enjoy a delicious breakfast, after breakfast we will go to Kayrahuiri where the transport arrives and start the trekking towards the hill of 7 colors.

Before starting the guide will give us a brief introduction of the place and recommendations about the walk.

Starting the trekking to about 5 min is the point where you can rent horses to do the route this has cost of S / 100 soles or USD 33 US dollars this is optional ... and after about 10 minutes we will be in the control place, our pass will be coordinated by the guide, from this point we have 2 hours to reach the mountain of 7 colors, during the journey we will have the opportunity to see a variety of South American camelids, birds, lagoons , plateaus, streams.

When we arrive at the Hill of 7 colors, our guide will give you a brief explanation and additional time so you can take the best pictures with the best landscape and take home a unique and unforgettable experience.

As an additional option we can visit the Red Valley of Vinicunca which is about 20 minutes from the Hill of 7 colors, once taken the souvenir photos we will descend to the starting point of the trek, at the indicated time we will begin to descend to the point where we left the mobility and later we will be returning to the camp where we will taste a delicious buffet lunch and then we will be returning to the city of Cusco arriving at approximately 7:00 at night.
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Everything you need to know about the seven-color hill before the Tour.

How to get to the Mountain or hill of 7 Colors from Cusco?

To get to the Hill or Mountain of the 7 colors from Cusco in our tour, the following tour is made.

• Cusco - Checacupe - Pitumarca: On this tour we go to the south of the city of Cusco, by the Cusco - Puno road to the town of Checacupe for  1hour 50 minutes, then we turn left and for a while 10 minutes we arrive at the town square of Pitumarca, until this point the road is totally paved. 

• Pitumarca - Hanchipacha - Kayrahuire: This road is a dirt road or dirt road We will pass through different small towns such as Karwi, Osefina, Chilca and others until we get to Hanchipacha, where we have our camp and where breakfast and lunch are offered, from Pitumar to Hanchipacha takes 40 minutes and from Hanchipacha to Kayrahire takes 15 to 20 minutes, emphasizing that this is the point where the trenking begins towards the hill of seven colors.

• Kayrahuire - Mountain of the 7 colors - Red Valley: From Kayrahuire we start the walk towards the mountain of colors, at this point you can also rent horses and walking sticks, here and at different points of the route to the mountain of colors you can also buy products such as caps, water and rain coat among others, About 15 minutes walking we will find the control where you will present your entry ticket, from this point to the mountain of colors are 2 hours approx. Walking, optional paying a new income of S / 5 soles you can continue the trekking to the Red Valley from the Mountain of Colors to the Red Valley is 10 to 20 min.

  • Tourist transport Cusco - K'ayrahuiri (starting point of the trek to the mountain of Vinicunca colors)
  • Ticket to the Hill of 7 colors Vinicunca
  • Bilingual Professional Guide
  • 01 Breakfast
  • 01 Buffet lunch
  • First aid kit
  • Oxygen balloon
  • Services not described in the program.
  • Horses. (Optional: S / 100 soles)


To book the tour you only have to pay an advance, the remaining balance is paid in the City of Cusco, Peru to your travel assistant.








Tour 7 colors Mountain Vinicunca or Hill of 7 colors

USD 35.00

USD 35.00



Take the Vinicunca Mountain Trek

  • Wear comfortable shoes for trekking or tennis shoes.
  • Carry walking sticks
  • Warm or thermal clothing.
  • Carry personal medicines if you have them.
  • Bottled water
  • Sunscreen.
  • Caps and sunglasses.
  • Raincoat in rainy season extra clothes (from October to March).

Where is the Hill or Mountain of the Seven Colors located?

The mountain or hill of colors is located south of the city of Cusco, in the town of Kayrahire, belonging to the District of Pitumarca, Province of Canchis, Department of Cusco, Peru.

It should be noted that its location of the mountain of colors is also the border between the territories of Pitumarca and Cusipata, this means that it belongs to the 2 provinces which generates disputes between the inhabitants of both communities, the District of Cusipata belongs to the Province of  Quispicanchi, Department of Cusco, Peru and soon it will be the opening of a new road to reach the mountain of colors and travel time will be drastically reduced.

The mountain or hill of colors is located at the coordinates Length: 13 ° 52'8.42 "S, Latitude: 71 ° 18'8.93" W.

How much does it cost to rent horses?

Many wonder how much does it cost to rent horses for the mountain of colors ?, the price depends if we go up and down the road or just a stretch.

  • S / 100 Peruvian soles, the up and down contract this is about USD 33 dollars.
  • S / 50 to 70 Peruvian soles, if we only raise or lower the price depends on the demand of the day. (Approximate price)

Note: When the horse is rented a person goes along carrying the horse.

It is important to indicate that there are 4 communities that rent  horses, which every 3 days rotate on the route, some communities have 50 to 60 horses, others with 60 to 100 horses, that is, when you have to go, it is possible that there are many people and that the horses run out and the price of leasing grows.

Highest point in the 7 Color Mountain trek

We have the following altitude in treck to the mountain of 7 colors in Cusco - Peru:

Top, highest point to be photographed 5,000 masl (16,404 ft)

Meaning Vinicunca?

Vinicunca or Winincunca is a Quechua term that means Vicuña Neck (South American camelid) is broken down by the terms Vini / Winin = Vicuña and Cunca = neck

What is it and where is the Red Valley of Vinicunca?.

The Red Valley, as its name indicates, is a Valley that presents this coloration for the minerals it has, it is 20 minutes walking from the hill of 7 colors, it belongs to  Cusipata Valley.

What is the mountain of 7 colors?

The mountain of 7 colors is a very popular tourist destination in the city of Cusco, which is very close to the 5th highest peak in Peru, the Apu Ausangate, its discovery and its opening to the public in a massive way was since 2015, viralized thanks to social media such as Facebook, Instagram among others.

How far you walk to get to the mountain of 7 colors Vinicunca?

The distance you walk to reach the mountain of 7 colors are 5 km starting from the community of Kayrahuire, and to reach Kayrahuire from the City of Cusco are 3 hours by car

What is the difficulty of the Route to the Hill of 7 colors?

The degree of difficulty of the route to the 7-color hill is intermediate, due to the distance traveled by 5 km per section and the altitude of the route, we recommend avoiding the tour to people with heart problems or Asthma.

If you are going to make the route walking it is advisable to have good physical condition and to be acclimatized to the city of Cusco, otherwise make the route renting horses.

What is the reason for the coloration of the Vinicunca mountain?

The coloration of the Vinicunca mountain is natural and is due to the richness of minerals that houses its soil, product of sedimentary stones these colors are appreciated thanks to soil erosion.

When is the best time to visit the Mountain of 7 colors?

The best time to visit the mountain of 7 colors depends on how you want to appreciate it I can explain it better, in the city of Cusco there are only 2 seasons of rainy season and dry season taking into account we will have the following views:

In the dry season: from May to October at this time we can see the mountain completely clear with a classic green landscape and blue sky and a strong heat on the route.

In the rainy season: From November to April in this season the weather is unpredictable, it will be days with rain, snow, hail or totally clear.

How many mountains of colors are there in the world?

In the world there are 3 hills or mountains that have this feature among these we have:

  1. The mountain of 7 colors Vinicunca in the City of Cusco, Peru
  2. The mountain of colors in the province of Tucumán to the Salinas de Jujuy in Argentina.
  3. Zhangye National Danxia Geological Park  located near the city of Zhangye, in Gansu Province, northwest of the People's Republic of China.

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